Fujiya "Raw Food Country Ma'am Winter White" and "Raw Food Country Ma'am Winter Chocolat"
Winter white (left) and winter chocolate (right)

Fujiya "Country Ma'am" will release "Raw Texture Country Ma'am Winter White" and a new product "Raw Texture Country Ma'am Winter Chocolat" on October 23rd. Each comes in 8 pieces, and the estimated price is 216 yen (tax included).

A country ma'am that is an all-soft type and you can enjoy a moist and soft "raw texture". Winter white is characterized by its mellow sweetness using Hokkaido cream and white chocolate chips. On the other hand, winter chocolate is finished with a rich chocolate flavor using Hokkaido cream and fragrant Dutch cocoa.

If you take it out of the bag and heat it in the microwave or toaster, you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly baked. How about a cup of coffee on a chilly day!