Katsuya's "Tarekatsu Don" (pine)

Katsuya's "Tarekatsu Don" is on sale. You can eat 5 cutlets for the price of 3 pieces. I felt the spirit of coming, so I tried it.

At the sale that started on October 5, you can order 3 (plum), 4 (bamboo), and 5 (pine) sardines for 637 yen. In other words, the more sheets you have, the more profitable you will be. If you can eat it.

Katsuya's "Tarekatsu Don" Sale
This one

The sauce cutlet bowl is from Niigata, and it is characterized by the seasoning that the batter is moistened with sauce, not with sauce or egg binding. I like to eat it at other stores before, so I'll go and see if I can go there. It's just lunch time and the shop is crowded, but even if you observe it secretly, there aren't many customers, including men in their prime, who order five (pine) rice bowls.

For a moment, I had a weak heart to keep it at about 4 (bamboo), but I ordered the top one if I shouldn't withdraw here.

If you can't eat it, you can take the cutlet home with you. Was good. Rest assured that the retreat is left. I'll wait for a while.

What came out was a set with 5 cutlets. Although each cutlet is not as big as a loin cutlet, it still feels a strong pressure. The premonition of defeat makes me feel a little stiff, but the game hasn't started yet.

Close-up of Tare Katsu Don
Each cutlet is small, but ... no, it's not that small

By the way, Katsuya's sauce cutlet uses chicken fillet instead of pork, so when I put in a relatively firm finish and chopsticks, it cracked crisply if I put a lot of effort into it. The whitened scissors are clean and free of fat. I may be able to go.

When I grabbed it, the clothes were pretty crispy. The sweetness and saltiness of the sauce is good, but it's not so moist. Chicken fillet has a refreshing taste as I had imagined, and although I am satisfied with eating meat, it is completely different from a dish that enjoys the taste of fat like roast cutlet.

Katsuya's Tare Katsu Don
Chicken fillet. Soft enough to tear if you put chopsticks in the batter and put all your strength into it

The first cutlet is flattened in a short amount of time. The rice underneath has a lot of sauce. It is just right to chew with cutlet. Enjoy the crispy, firm scissors, and gentle sauce as a rhythm for the second and third pieces. Shake the shichimi lightly in front of the 4th piece, and taste the pickles on the table a little. Drink tea from the service so that your tongue doesn't get used to the saltiness, and enter the second half of the game. At the end of the 4th sheet, you can see that the feeling of fullness has caught up, but to the 5th sheet. I'm glad that the refreshing part of the scissors is new. It was dangerous if this was other meat.

Completed safely. I was a little surprised that all the people in the restaurant had eaten, so I quickly left Katsuya with a sense of accomplishment and a vow to refrain from lunch for a while from tomorrow.