Ministop "Ebisu Pumpkin Stick Pie"
Enjoy the taste of autumn with Ministop

At each Ministop store (excluding some stores), three types of sweet bread made from seasonal autumn ingredients will be released in sequence. The lineup is as follows.

・ Marron & whipped cream (Waguri from Kumamoto prefecture)
A sweet bread baked in the shape of a chestnut by combining cream and whipped cream using Japanese chestnut paste from Kumamoto prefecture. The package is also finished in a design inspired by chestnuts themselves. The price is 120 yen (tax included, same below). Limited to Kanto.

Ministop "Marron & Whipped Cream (Kumamoto Prefecture Waguri)"

・ Moist and delicious cake (Kintoki potato)
A pound cake dough finished in a sweet potato flavor, kneaded with Kanro-ni of Kintoki potatoes from Tokushima prefecture, topped with black sesame and baked. The price is 128 yen. The release date is October 16th.

Ministop "Moist and delicious cake (Naruto Kintoki potato)"

・ Ebisu pumpkin stick pie A crisp and fragrant pie crust wrapped with red bean paste containing Ebisu pumpkin from Hokkaido and baked into a stick. The price is 108 yen. The release date is October 16th.

Ministop "Ebisu Pumpkin Stick Pie"