One coin breakfast at Bex! -Introducing "8 kinds of vegetable minestrone plate" etc.
Minestrone in the morning set

The one-coin breakfast menu "8 kinds of vegetable minestrone plate (500 yen with drink)" is on sale at "Beck's Coffee Shop", which operates mainly in the metropolitan area of Ekinaka.

Beck's Coffee Shop with 8 kinds of vegetables A morning set of popular minestrone soup for those who finish breakfast at the station.

At the same time, "Grilled vegetable pizza toast (490 yen with drink)" has also appeared. It's a one-handed pizza toast, and you can enjoy the richness of the colors. To go is also possible.

Bex's "Grilled Vegetable Pizza Toast"
Various vegetables pizza toast

The breakfast menu is open until 11:00. The "Morning Balance Plate (490 yen with drink)" and "Sand & Yogurt (500 yen with drink)" are no longer available for sale.