Ueno Zoo "1 year old cup de tree climbing software"
Image of Shanshan, who loves climbing trees! (The source of the image is from Ueno Zoo official Twitter)

At the food shop "Bird Song" in the eastern garden of Ueno Zoo, a new menu "1 year old cup de tree climbing soft" (850 yen) was released to commemorate the 1 year old of Panda Shanshan.

This is a soft serve ice cream with a souvenir cup that appeared to commemorate Xiang Xiang's 1 year old. Plenty of soft serve ice cream is squeezed on the granola and finished with chocolate sauce.

In addition, a one-third size Churitos is topped with the image of a tree climber that Shanshan loves. It is provided with a cute Xiang Xiang original pick (made of paper).

Of course you can take the cup home with you. The quantity is limited, so if you want it, please do so as soon as possible!
Ueno Zoo East Garden Food Shop "Bird Song"
Address:9-83 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo