Buvette's "Tarte Tatin"

"Buvette" in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. We are proposing "Gastrotech", a food space where you can eat and drink from morning till night, which is neither a restaurant nor a bistro.

The Hibiya store is the first store in Japan after New York and Paris. The fashionable antique shop also offers comfortable terrace seats.

Buvette appearance
Fashionable appearance

The lineup includes a variety of menus, from morning coffee and morning to lunch that you want to eat quickly, and dinner that you can enjoy talking with friends and family. This time I visited a holiday brunch and ordered 3 items that I was interested in.

◆ Waffle sandwich

A dish that combines bacon, sunny side eggs, and Gruyere cheese with two waffles. It is served in an open sandwich style with ingredients on top, rather than sandwiched. The price is 1,700 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Buvette "waffle sandwich"
It seems to appear in an American drama

Plenty of syrup in the waffle dents. The surface is fragrant, and when chewed, the sweetness overflows. The waffle alone has a very sweet taste.

Buvette "waffle sandwich"
Crispy, Juwat

Bacon adds saltiness. It's crispy and very juicy. In addition, a soft-boiled egg and hot cheese are entwined. The sweetness, exquisite saltiness, and richness come all at once, and I'm just happy ...!

Buvette "waffle sandwich"

◆ Tarte Tatin

A traditional French confectionery made by covering apples fried with butter and sugar with tart dough. Creme Epes is topped. The price is 900 yen.

Appeared in a dynamic visual with a fork pierced. The apples are big and delicious. In the softness, the crispy texture of fresh flesh remains slightly. The moist tart dough serves as a complement to apples.

Buvette's "Tarte Tatin"

Caramel-like bitterness and deep richness, followed by the mellow sweetness of apples. The sour creme epes leads to a refreshing aftertaste. Even though it's a dessert, it's voluminous and quite satisfying.

Buvette's "Tarte Tatin"
I'm full

The drip coffee (550 yen) ordered together goes well with both dishes. Bitter taste and rich fragrance spread.

Buvette "drip coffee"
Provided in a cup with logo

"Buvette" is a restaurant where you can enjoy various food scenes throughout the day. If you stop by, you may find your favorite dish.