Yayoiken "Saury salt-grilled set meal"
Autumn isn't there yet!

pacific saury is a good catch this year. "New saury" from Hokkaido is also in stock at Yayoiken. "Saury salt-grilled set meal" is on sale at each store from September 20th. The price is 690 yen (tax included).

This is an autumn set menu that is served with seasonal fat-laden new saury baked after an order is placed and served with grated radish and lemon. Comes with rice, miso soup, and cold tofu.

Yayoiken "Saury salt-grilled set meal"
pacific saury salt-grilled set meal

A fragrant skin that tears crisply when you stand your chopsticks. The meat is fluffy and thick, and the sweetness of juicy fat melts enough to chew.

Yayoiken "Saury salt-grilled set meal"
Freshly baked new saury

When you squeeze the lemon, the refreshing acidity enhances the taste of the saury. It is also Otsu to put grated daikon radish on it and taste it refreshingly.

Yayoiken "Saury salt-grilled set meal"
Soft and greasy

In addition, the "Saury salt-grilled and meat tofu set meal" (860 yen including tax), which is a combination of beef, deep-fried tofu, and meat tofu seasoned with sweet and spicy saury, is also on sale.

Yayoiken "Saury grilled with salt and meat tofu set meal"
Further volume up

Both are scheduled to be sold by the end of October. However, it may vary from store to store, so be sure to contact a store near you directly. Please try it before the season of saury is over!