House-made breakfast "Ogura toast set"
How about thick sliced toast for breakfast?

The editorial department is exploring the morning (breakfast) of all kinds of shops, from fast food chains to private shops. This time, we will introduce a cafe where you can eat a set of crispy thick-sliced toast and drink for 500 yen (excluding tax).

A shop called "House Made" on the first basement floor of the station building "Joinus", which is directly connected to Yokohama Station. Morning is provided from 7:00 to 11:00 on weekdays and from 7:00 to 10:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

House maid directly connected to Yokohama station
House maid

◆ 5 types of thick-sliced toast

The toast set is 500 yen each (excluding tax), and you can choose your favorite toast from 5 types and 7 types of drinks such as coffee, tea, and juice.

House-made breakfast
You can also add a soft-boiled egg for 50 yen and a salad for 150 yen.

On this day, I ordered "Ogura bean paste" and hot tea. Thick sliced toast, which is about 4 cm long, is filled with granulated sugar. Whipped cream is topped around this.

House-made breakfast "Ogura toast set"
Ogura bean paste and hot lemon tea set (540 yen including tax)

◆ The best balance of sweetness and saltiness

When you stretch the whipped cream into bread and stretch it, the savory crispy texture is soaked in the sweetness of the chubby Ogura bean paste and the smooth milkiness of the whipped cream.

House-made breakfast "Ogura toast set"

The saltiness of the butter that slowly melts and the sweetness of the bean paste go well together. I also feel the consideration that it is cut into 4 equal parts so that it is easy to eat. Even though it is so thick and chewy, the balance of sweetness and saltiness enhances the appetite and makes it more mellow than I expected.

House-made breakfast "Ogura toast set"
The mellow whipped cream serves as a link between An Ogura and toast.

Why not stop by when you want to take a break before work, have a breakfast with your friends, or want to make effective use of the waiting time on the train.

* Menu contents and prices are as of the time of writing the article.