Nenrin family "Mount Balm Montblanc Decoret"

The seasonal product "Mount Balm Montblanc Decoret" is on sale from the Baumkuchen brand "Nenrinya". The price is 1,134 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until the end of November.

This is a special balm made of chestnuts. "Mount Balm Mont Blanc", which is made by kneading two types of Italian marron and baking it for a long time, is sprinkled with marron-flavored chocolate on the rich ridgeline, and also draws a flowing line with the taste of mild chocolate. ..

Nenrin family "Mount Balm Montblanc Decoret"
It looks delicious to see

The design theme of the special box is "A delicious mountain range colored in autumn". It seems that the chocolate that was poured on Baumkuchen and the package line are linked. Elegantly finished with autumn gold ribbon accents.