Kikkoman food "powder soy sauce"
Smooth soy sauce

Following "Crispy Soy Sauce", the second new shape soy sauce "Powder Soy Sauce" will be released by Kikkoman Foods on September 10th. 18g (0.63oz) is included, and the estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

Powdered soy sauce is a powdery soy sauce that is smooth and can be sprinkled on various ingredients. There are two types, a simple "soy sauce flavor" and a "wasabi flavor".

A blend of multiple soy sauces so that you can feel the flavor of soy sauce even with powder. It seems that it succeeded in changing its appearance from "liquid" to "powder" without spoiling the taste and aroma of soy sauce by its original low-temperature drying technology.

It is convenient for salads and grills using vegetables with a lot of water, fried foods that you want to enjoy the texture, and lunch boxes that you are worried about dripping.