Special menu of National Museum of Nature and Science
Looks like a ladybug ... can you see it?

"Insects Exhibition" being held at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno, Tokyo. If you're thinking of visiting during the summer vacation, you might want to try the special menu at the on-site restaurant.

The National Museum of Nature and Science is wide, and it takes a day to see everything. There are restaurants and rest areas, but the restaurant "Mouseion" offers a special menu to suit occasional events.

This time, an eccentric menu entitled "Special Exhibition" Insects "Commemorative Menu" (1,800 yen). Arranged blueberry stars on roasted pork tenderloin that looks like a cute ladybugs. Surrounded by pasta reminiscent of butterflies perching on flowers. The tomato sauce with honey, which is a gift from bees, seems to go well with pork. Comes with rice or bread, coffee or tea.