PRONTO's Morning "Ham Cheese Toast Set"

Check out the morning menu of the chain store "CAFFE & BAR PRONTO" where you can enjoy cafe time and bar time! I actually tried the "ham cheese toast set".

Cafe & Bar PRONTO

The morning menu is served from the opening until 10 am. All menus come with drinks for the morning set.

・ Toast set 390 yen ・ Ham cheese toast set 450 yen ・ Vitamin salad & cheese omelet set 490 yen ・ Bacon cheese muffin set 420 yen ・ Sausage egg muffin set 420 yen ・ Croissant set 360 yen ・ Hot dock set 450 yen

* All regular sizes * Some stores do not sell


The drink lineup is as follows.

・ Hot coffee ・ American coffee ・ Hot tea (cup)
・ Ice coffee ・ Ice tea ・ Ice lemon tea ・ Green rooibos fruit tea (cup)
・ Jasmine Earl Gray Tea

The "ham cheese toast set" I ordered is a combination of ham cheese toast, boiled eggs (or yogurt), salad, and drinks.

PRONTO's Morning "Ham Cheese Toast Set"
Ham cheese toast set

Melted cheese and ham on a fluffy bread. Because it is a thick slice, just eating two slices will fill your stomach.

PRONTO's Morning "Ham Cheese Toast Set"
Melt cheese

PRONTO's Morning "Ham Cheese Toast Set"
There is thickness

The crispy vegetables are dressed with a refreshing taste. Boiled eggs when you want to eat a lot, yogurt when you want dessert, it is a nice point to choose one item according to your mood ♪

PRONTO's Morning "Ham Cheese Toast Set"
Crispy salad

PRONTO's morning menu that you can enjoy from 360 yen. If you're having trouble with breakfast, why not give it a try?

* Menus and prices are as of the time of the interview. May vary by store