Jonathan's "Snow Ice Amazake Fragrant Mascarpone Cream"
Its name is "Snow Ice Amazake Fragrant Mascarpone Cream". You can make "chasing amazake" if you like

Jonathan and Morinaga Amazake have developed a collaboration menu with the idea that sprinkling "Amazake" on ice cream, French fries, tofu, etc. is delicious and can be used as a countermeasure against the heat wave. You can order at all Jonathan stores from July 12th.

Image of Morinaga Amazake
Collaboration with "Morinaga Amazake"

Looking at the contents of the collaboration menu, first of all, "Snow ice amazake scented mascarpone cream" is snow ice cream with Morinaga amazake and mascarpone whipped cream, and you can add more Morinaga amazake that comes out with a separate plate if you like. "Chase amazake" is possible. The price is 599 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Jonathan's "Snow Ice Amazake Fragrant Mascarpone Cream"
Amazake for "Osamu Amazake" is a separate plate

Next is "French fries amazake flavor". This is a classic French fries sprinkled with amazake powder and served with special amazake mayonnaise. The price is 299 yen.

Jonathan's "French fries amazake flavor"
The potatoes are also amazake, and the mayo is also amazake.

Finally, "Homemade Oboro Tofu Sweetened" is a sweetened tofu with various aromas and tastes such as amazake syrup, azuki beans, and yuzu. The price is 399 yen.

Jonathan's "Sweet Tailoring of Homemade Oboro Tofu"
Finished in a sweet style with sweet sake on rag tofu

In both cases, amazake uses a powder type. Since it contains less than 1% alcohol using sake lees, caution is required when driving, children, people who are vulnerable to alcohol, pregnant women, and people who are breastfeeding. The collaboration menu will be available until August 12th.