Nakau's "Chilled Pork Shabu-Shabu Kimchi Tantan Udon"
Nakau's special kimchi is a topping

"Chilled pork shabu-shabu kimchi tantan udon" using Nakau's special kimchi will be on sale from July 12th.

A dish of soft sliced pork and special kimchi topped with Nakau's original chilled dandan noodles. The spicy sesame flavored sesame sauce and the sweetened soboro are also combined.

The special kimchi used is made by adding pepper, ginger, garlic, grated apple, and umezu to domestic Chinese cabbage and pickling it. It is characterized by its richness and umami, but also its refreshing spiciness and aftertaste. The price is 650 yen (tax included, same below).

In addition, "pork kimchi set meal" will appear in Nakau's night set meal. This is also fried with pork and onions in a special sauce using a special kimchi. With rice, miso soup, salad and pickles.

Nakau's "pork kimchi set meal"
Stir-fry and taste in the set menu

This is 690 yen. Miso soup can be changed to "Koudon Yeskara" for an additional charge of 60 yen.