Sanagi Shinjuku "Shaved Ice Rainbow"

Photogenic "shaved ice" is on sale at the cafe & food hall event space "Sanagi Shinjuku". Cafe time menu. For a limited time. The lineup is as follows. The price is 890 yen each.

・ Kakigori Rainbow Colorful rainbow-colored syrup topped with berry-flavored fluffy espuma. It seems that it is finished in fruity and cute shaved ice.

Sanagi Shinjuku "Shaved Ice Rainbow"
Shaved ice rainbow

・ Kakigori Matcha Matcha is a classic summer shaved ice with condensed milk. The toppings are matcha-flavored warabi mochi and taiyaki.

Sanagi Shinjuku "Kakigori Matcha"
Shaved ice matcha

Also, at the "Chrysalis Summer Festival" that has been held since July 5, you can experience quoits, bouncy ball scooping, daruma doll dropping, and making cotton candy yourself.

Inside the Sanagi Shinjuku store
Sanagi Shinjuku