Vanilla-flavored cup noodles "Super cup 1.5 times vanilla-flavored creamy seafood-flavored ramen"
Is it sweet?

From the cup noodle series "Super Cup", which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, a new work with an impactful "vanilla flavor" has appeared. "Super Cup 1.5x Vanilla Flavored Creamy Seafood Flavored Ramen" will be released on July 30th. The estimated price is 210 yen (excluding tax).

This is a combination of smooth and elastic noodles with a seafood soup based on pork chicken with scallops and shrimp umami. If you add the powder that comes with it, the sweet scent and taste of vanilla will spread throughout your mouth.

Kayaku is cabbage, egg, and crab-style kamaboko. It seems that you can enjoy a new sense of taste that is a harmony of vanilla and seafood.