Umemura in Asakusa "Mamekanten"

Founded in 1968, "Mitsumame" is sold at the long-established sweets shop "Umemura" in Asakusa. It is a dish of red peas and agar made from gelidiaceae with black honey. The price is 470 yen (tax included).

This shop that appears in the popular manga "Gourmet of Solitude". It may seem a little difficult to enter when you hear the word "long-established sweets shop", but it has a simple and calm atmosphere. There are a total of 14 seats, 6 at the counter and 4 at the counter x 2 tables. At the counter, the shop silently finished the sweetness for take-out.

Asakusa's sweets shop "Umemura"

Asakusa Umemura Menu

Mamekanten, a signboard menu that was provided immediately after ordering. The brightly shining figure is like a black pearl! It is a wasteful beauty to eat.

Umemura in Asakusa "Mamekanten"

The plump beans are exquisitely soft and crumble when chewed. A soft texture, a moist and rich umami, and a slight saltiness that remains in the aftertaste. The smooth skin is a little bit, but it has no peculiarity, and you can fully enjoy the charm of beans until the end.

Umemura in Asakusa "Mamekanten"
Plump, relaxed

The agar, which has a faint aroma of gelidiaceae, is crisp and refreshing. Black honey is not thick and smooth, and its sweetness and aroma are modest. An elegant sweetness is added to the beans and agar.

Umemura in Asakusa "Mamekanten"
Agar with aroma of gelidiaceae

It's a very simple menu, but it's a dish that you can enjoy without getting tired because the deliciousness of beans, agar, and black honey are combined in a well-balanced manner. How about when you want to take a rest in Asakusa!

Umemura in Asakusa "Mamekanten"

■ Umemura Address: 3-22-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo