Yayoiken "Beef steak set meal"
Meat lovers, get together!

Three types of "beef steak set meals" are available at each Yayoiken store. From July 19th, "Beef steak set meal", "Special beef steak set meal" and "Beef steak mix set meal" will be on sale.

The third summer campaign of Yayoiken. This beef steak is a dish where you can taste the dynamically cut meat on a hot iron plate. It seems that you can enjoy the taste and taste of beef.

Yayoiken "Beef steak set meal"
Beef steak set meal

The special beef steak set meal has 1.5 times the amount of steak meat. The beef steak mix set meal is a hearty menu that combines beef steak with fried shrimp and chicken steak.

Yayoiken "Special Beef Steak Set Meal"
Special beef steak set meal

Yayoiken "Beef Steak Mix Set Meal"
Beef steak mix set meal

The price is 990 yen for the beef steak set meal, 1,490 yen for the special beef steak set meal, and 990 yen for the beef steak mix set meal, all including tax.