Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
Rumored fermented food, Vegemite


Vegemite is a well-known delicacy in Australia. It is a paste that is spread on toast or added to soups, but it is sometimes called "the world's worst jam" because of its unique flavor. We tried Vegemite and found out just how bad it really is!

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
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Vegemite is a fermented food

Vegemite is a fermented food made from yeast extract (yeast extract) and malt extract. No synthetic preservatives or synthetic coloring agents are used.

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
black lustre

When the lid is opened, the contents are black and matte in color. At first glance, it looks like chocolate, but it is not that sweet (in many ways).

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
We're in the middle of it.

How does Vegemite taste?

When I spread it on bread and bring it to my mouth, a strong fermentation smell that I have never felt before hits my nose with a twang. I bit into it and found it to be... salty and spicy! Then, a slight bitterness that gradually seeps out, and an inexplicable smell (probably yeast) spreads slowly in your mouth. It certainly does not taste good.

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
Tastes like a dour face in one lick.

The taste was so shocking that my heart started to race. I wonder if this is how foreigners feel when they eat natto for the first time...

But I know that people in Australia eat natto. Of course there are people who don't like it, but there are also people who eat Vegemite toast every morning. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, and folic acid, so some people seem to actively include it in their diet for nutritional reasons.

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
If you think it's nutritious, can you eat it?

I've been eating Vegemite for a while now...

I was skeptical, but I kept smelling Vegemite every day and spreading a little bit on bread. Then I wondered if my body got used to it, or if the flavor had some kind of addictive quality, and little by little I found myself becoming add icted to it.

Vegemite, an Australian fermented food
No way.

At first, I thought, "This is bad! but gradually I found my feelings toward Vegemite changing from "It's not bad," to "I can eat it," to "I want to eat it a little bit. Perhaps if you like fermented foods (natto, miso, pickles, etc.), it is a taste you can get into.

Maybe people in Australia didn't like it from the beginning either, but as they ate it, they gradually began to crave it. I would like to hear about it if I ever go there.

Vegemite Recommendations

The first bite, however, may seem quite strange, so the key to eating it is to spread a thin layer of Vegemite on a piece of buttered toast. The photo in this article shows a generous amount of spread for the photo shoot, but the flavor and smell are both strong, so it is important to spread it thinly on the bread.

Also, the bread should be sliced as thick as possible, and baked bread is easier to eat than raw bread because the unique flavor of Vegemite is lessened. If you like delicacies, why not give it a try?