Yanagizuki "Dora Krim I

Dorakurimu Isei" by Hokkaido's Ryugetsuki

Ryugetsuki is a confectionery manufacturer in Hokkaido. They are famous for their "Sanbouroku" baumkuchen, which is made of milk chocolate and white chocolate to resemble the bark of a white birch tree.

The package is designed to look like an exciting treasure box. When you open it, you will find a fairy tale of a certain kingdom, which is the origin of the name "Dorakurimu I".

Yanagizuki "Dora Krim I
Do you think there might be a treasure in it?

A fairy tale of sweets

Drakrim, the kingdom of sweets.
Rum, a thief in the royal palace, finds a piece of paper instead of treasure.
Based on the recipe written on it, he made Rum Raisin Butter Pancakes.
It was a secret confectionary of the royal family, the recipe for which had been lost.
The king who was presented with the cake was so impressed with its deliciousness that he gave it the title "Drakrim I" (Drakrim the Great).

Yanagizuki "Dora Krim I
It is written in full.

Let's try the "fantastic confectionery" and see how it tastes!

Enchanting taste with a hint of rum

Chocolat dough sandwiches rice cake and butter cream with rum raisins. The fluffy dough, soft and chewy rice cake, and smooth cream are a trinity. All the ingredients are very smooth and disappear in your mouth. The crunchy texture of the raisins adds an accent.

Yanagizuki "Dora Krim I
We are particular about individual packaging.

The cocoa flavor is layered with the mild taste of butter. The deep richness of the flavor is slightly salty. The mellow aroma of rum that spreads with each bite is irresistible...!

Yanagizuki "Dora Krim I
Fragrant and rich

Even the king of rum would approve of the enchanting taste of "Dorakurimu I. This time we purchased it at a Hokkaido Fair at a supermarket, but you can also buy it from the official online store of Yanagizuki. Why not try it while immersing yourself in a fairy tale world?