McDonald's "Just Happy Set"
You can choose!

At each McDonald's store, a new program "Just Happy Set" will start on July 20th. Stores in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures will start on July 6th.

A new program that evolves Happy Meal and adds picture books and picture books to the options. If you purchase Happy Meal, you will be able to choose one of your favorite items from "picture books," "picture books," and "toys." Picture books and picture books will be switched to the next series every two to three months.

Picture books provide original picture books for "just a happy set" by picture book writers for the purpose of "Tokuiku". The first is "Kimochi no Kata" originally drawn by Hiroyuki Arai.

McDonald's "Just Happy Set"
Cute pattern

The illustrated book consists of pages edited for Happy Meal based on "Shogakukan's illustrated book NEO" for the purpose of "education" and original pages such as quizzes that stimulate children's curiosity and encourage discovery. We provide a "mini picture book". The first is "Cat's Nakama", which is very popular among "Shogakukan's illustrated book NEO".

McDonald's "Just Happy Set"
Do you know your cat friends?