Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" "Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato"

"Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" and "Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato" will be on sale at each Starbucks store on July 2nd (excluding some stores). The price is 520 yen each for tall size (excluding tax).

A new style of Beverage that appears from Teavana with the concept of "changing TEA in various ways". The combination of tea, fruit and vegetables gives it a colorful finish. I've been drinking frozen tea that glitters like a jewel!

Tomatoes, grapefruits and lemons
High expectations

Herbal lemonade

Image of American summer classic drink "lemonade". Frozen lemon and non-caffeine herbal tea "ice chamomile tea" are combined.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade"
Beautiful when exposed to sunlight

Take a sip and be amazed at the refreshing feeling! The floral scent peculiar to chamomile will come out softly. Next is a refreshing lemon. Lemon peel syrup is used, leaving a citrusy bitterness on the tongue. Accent with a nice grain of peel.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade"
The yellow grains are the peel

With a crispy mouthfeel, it has a lighter finish than the smooth Frappuccino. In addition, unlike iced tea, it does not contain ice, so you can enjoy it without the ice melting and the taste diminishing over time. The deliciousness of frozen tea!

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade"
Cool to the last bite

Grapefruit & tomato

The bright red visual like ruby is impressive. Grapefruit and tomato-based frozen tea is combined with the non-caffeine herbal tea "Ice Passion Tea," which is a blend of hibiscus, cinnamon, dried apple, licorice, and lemongrass.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato"
it's beautiful

The scent of tomatoes is fluffy from the moment it is carried. The bluish freshness of tomatoes and the refreshing acidity of grapefruit match. Passion tea with a gorgeous flavor adds depth to the taste. More sophisticated taste than vegetable and fruit juices.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato"
Sour and fruity

Like lemonade, the last thing I feel is a slight bitterness. It's a little quirky, but it's a cup with a mysterious charm that makes you addicted to it while you're drinking. Immediately after I finished drinking, I wanted another drink.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato"
Moderately bitter

Two frozen teas that permeate the body and mind tired from the heat. Herbal Lemonade will be on sale until August 30th, and Grapefruit & Tomato will be on sale until August 7th (finished as soon as they run out). Enjoy summer with a refreshing beverage!