Cafe Comsa "Orihime-Peach and Fig Cake-"
Image of cute Orihime

At each Cafe Comsa store (excluding the Ikebukuro Seibu store), "Orihime-Peach and Fig Cake-" and "Hikoboshi-Melon and Mango Cake-" for Tanabata will be available for a limited time from June 28th to July 8th. Sold at.

Orihime-peach and fig cake-is a cream cheese-based cake. You can enjoy the harmony of the heart-shaped sweet and sour raspberry mousse with the three kinds of fruits of Yamagata Prefecture cherry "Sato Nishiki", which has a strong sweetness and fresh peaches and soft figs that melt.

Hikoboshi ~ Melon and Mango Cake ~ is a cake based on Fromage Blanc. The star-shaped mango mousse and honey jelly express the Milky Way shining in the night sky. It seems that fragrant melon and rich mango juice spread in your mouth.

Cafe Comsa "Hikoboshi-Melon and Mango Cake-"
Sweet milky way

At the six stores of Comsa Stage Ginza, Comsa Store Shinjuku, Ueno Matsuzakaya, Funabashi Tobu, Karuizawa Shopping Center, and Morioka Kawatoku, the melon "Gold Star" raised by Mr. Masanobu Kanba of Kanba Farm (Shimane Prefecture) is used. I will.

* Cakes have different development contents, designs, and prices depending on the availability of materials and stores.