"7-ELEVEN Day" limited product "Jelly like Blue Hawaii"
I have to go to 7-ELEVEN!

In commemoration of "7-ELEVEN Day" on July 11, limited products will be released sequentially from June 28 at each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores).

"Tirol Choco 7-ELEVEN Cafe" is a chocolate made by finely crushing and kneading the original roasted coffee beans used in 7-ELEVEN Cafe. You can enjoy the rich aroma and deep taste. The price is 38 yen (tax included, same below).

7-ELEVEN "Tirol Choco 7-ELEVEN Cafe"
I want to enjoy it with 7-ELEVEN Cafe

"Calbee potato chips Nana Chiki flavor" is a potato chip inspired by the popular product "Nana Chiki". It seems that the taste of chicken with fragrant spices is reproduced. The price is 152 yen.

7-ELEVEN "Calbee Potato Chips Nana Chiki Flavor"
7-ELEVEN-like package

Products named after "7" include "Calbee Kappa Ebisen 7x Soy Sauce Mayonnaise" (128 yen), "Tohato 7x Big Caramel Corn" (143 yen), "Koikeya 7x Spicy Karamucho Hot Chili" (160 yen) , "Mikakuto Kagekix Suppa Level 7" (118 yen) is now available. In addition, "Yamayoshi Seika 7x x 1.1x Wasa Beef" (149 yen) will be sold after "7 and 11".

"7-ELEVEN Day" limited edition products
Which one do you care about?

"Jelly like Blue Hawaii" to be released on July 10 is a product developed by "7-ELEVEN Sweets Ambassador" who is a fan of 7-ELEVEN sweets and disseminates its charm on SNS and blogs. Topped with whipped cream and cherries on top of soda-flavored jelly and lemon mousse. It features a cool appearance that reproduces the float of Blue Hawaii. The price is 199 yen.

"7-ELEVEN Day" limited edition products
A refreshing visual