Saizeriya "Oven-baked escargot"

"Oven-grilled escargot" sold at the Italian wine & cafe restaurant "Saizeriya". A dish of European escargot finished with garlic butter. The price is 399 yen (tax included, same below).

This menu is made with plenty of oil in a crispy escargot. It's delicious to eat as it is, but did you know that you can enjoy a higher-grade taste by adding more cheese here?

Saizeriya "Oven-baked escargot"
Escargot baked in the oven

We recommend the paid topping "Freshly cut pecorino cheese (100 yen)". Scoop it with a spoon and sprinkle it on the escargot, and it will melt with heat. The mellowness of cheese is added to the flavor of oil for a rich taste!

Saizeriya "Freshly Shaving Pecorino Cheese"
Freshly shaving pecorino cheese

"Oven-baked escargot" sprinkled with freshly shaving pecorino cheese
If you sprinkle a lot ...

"Oven-baked escargot" sprinkled with freshly shaving pecorino cheese
Cheese melts

If you want to try it more easily, check out "Free seasonings"! At Saizeriya, you can use "extra virgin olive oil," "chili flakes," "gran morabia cheese," and "mill-ground black pepper" for free.

Saizeriya's menu
There are also seasonings that you can try for free

Free topping "Gran Moravian cheese"
Add a little Gran Moravian cheese!

Add a little Gran Mora Avia cheese to add a milky richness and give the oil a smooth taste. Compared to "freshly shaving pecorino cheese", the cheese feel is still weaker, but this alone is enough to enjoy.

A state of topping "Gran Moravia cheese"

"Oven-baked escargot" plus "cheese topping" that is perfect as a companion to wine! Please try it when you go to Saizeriya!