"Lindt Peach White Chocolate Ice Drink" "Lindt Peach Chocolat Parfait" "Lindt Peach Delise"
Juicy white peach flavor!

At each Linz Chocolat Cafe, the second popular series of chocolate and fruit, "Lint's Peach White Chocolate Ice Drink," "Lint's Peach Chocolat Parfait," and "Lint's Peach Delice," will be released on July 1 (some stores). Except). Limited time until July 31st (finished as soon as it runs out).

Linz Peach White Chocolate Ice Drink is a fruity chocolate drink that uses 40% peach pulp. Decorated with whipped cream, frozen peach and white chocolate copo. The balance between milky sweetness and fresh acidity is exquisite.

Linz Peach White Chocolate Ice Drink
Refreshing chocolate even in summer

The price is 772 yen (tax included, same below). The Ginza store, which combines peach sauce and macaron cookies, costs 1,388 yen.

Linz Peach White Chocolate Ice Drink
Ginza store is a glass specification

Linz Peach Chocolat Parfait is a parfait that combines peach with soft serve ice cream of milk chocolate. Sherbet and fruit sauce with condensed peach flavor and diced frozen peach pulp mix with whipped cream and milk chocolate sauce. Macaron cookies accentuate the texture. The price is 980 yen.

Linz Peach Chocolat Parfait

Linz Peach Delice is a macaron sandwiched with white chocolate ganache with peach fruit puree. It seems that the elegant scent of peach spreads. The price is 302 yen.

Linz Peach Delice
Cute pink