FamilyMart "Karui Cheese Snack"

Nakameguro Saeko (hereinafter Saeko) : My favorite snack is "Jagaby"

Konzaki. : Favorite snacks are "curl" and "mic popcorn (butter soy sauce flavor)"

■ To wandering Karl refugees
Konzaki : Karl ... I want to eat Karl ...!

Saeko : It used to be a Meiji curl that was easily available at any convenience store or supermarket, but it ended nationwide sales in the summer of 2017 (only west of the Kansai region). Uncle Carl has disappeared from eastern Japan. I always notice what is really important after I lose it

Konzaki : What is Saeko's past ...? Well, I'm sure there are many people like us who miss Karl, but I found a snack that would fill the gap in their hearts. This one

FamilyMart "Karui Cheese Snack"
Karui cheese snack

Saeko : "Karui cheese snack"?

Konzaki : Cheese-flavored snacks sold at each FamilyMart store (excluding some stores and the Tokai region). Using 6 kinds of cheese, it is said that it is a rich, rich and crispy snack with a light texture. The price is 108 yen (tax included)

Saeko : It's not "Karui" but "Karui".

Konzaki : After all, I'm curious about the naming. I think I'm conscious of it. By the way, it is not the Meiji era but Tohato that manufactures it.

■ Tasting
Saeko : When opened, it has a slight cheese scent. Is it a little quirky compared to curl?

FamilyMart "Karui Cheese Snack"
Looks similar

Konzaki : But it looks almost curled

Saeko : When you chew it, it crumbles in your mouth and the rich cheese flavor spreads. It may be characterized by a strong saltiness remaining in the aftertaste. But I feel that it's safe to say that this is 90% curl.

FamilyMart "Karui Cheese Snack"
This taste ... almost curl!

Konzaki : This taste, this texture, this lightness, not curl, but almost curl. It fully satisfies the feeling of "I want to eat curls!" Like

FamilyMart "Karui Cheese Snack"

Saeko : I think I'll be able to survive for a while. It's a nice dish for curl fans who can't easily buy curls.

Konzaki : I would like to buy about two more bags. If you are interested, please check out FamilyMart!