Snacks made from fried tofu

Watching sports and watching movies! Here are 3 easy recipes that you can make in the microwave.

■ Cheetah Snack
Heat the cheetah (or cheese cod) on a plate covered with parchment paper at a distance for 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. If you don't have a parchment paper, the cheese will stick to the plate and become tattered, so be careful!

Arranging cheetara on a plate
Line up a little apart

The cheese swells and looks like a stick cookie! You can enjoy a light texture that is crispy and crumbles when you bite. This is the one that beer goes on ...!

Microwave cheetah snacks

"It tastes similar to the cheese cookies sold at a nice cake shop," and "I might like it more than eating it as it is." It seems to be interesting to compare it with the soft cheetah before warming.

Microwave cheetah snacks
The flavor and texture of cheese is addictive!

■ Chikuwa Chips
Cut the chikuwa to a thickness of about 2 mm, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and heat in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. I found out by making it, but it is recommended to use a large plate if possible because the chikuwa will swell while warming (even if the chikuwa stick to each other, you can easily peel it off later).

Chikuwa chips made in the microwave
Chin in the microwave

When the heat is removed and it is crispy, it is complete! With a crispy and crunchy texture, the taste of chikuwa spreads softly. It seems to go well with various seasonings such as shichimi pepper, green laver, mayonnaise, and consomme powder.

Chikuwa chips made in the microwave
It's okay to burn a little

Perhaps because of the thickness, sometimes there are chips that retain the original softness of the "outer crisps, inner puni" chikuwa. This is also a addictive texture. If you like, you can shorten the warming time or cut it a little thicker than 2mm.

Chikuwa chips made in the microwave
Even if you make one bag, it will be too delicious and will disappear soon

■ Fried snacks
Place the fried tofu cut into strips on a plate covered with kitchen paper and heat it for 7 to 8 minutes. When you hear a clicking sound, you're done!

Fried snacks made in the microwave
Don't forget the kitchen paper

You can sprinkle your favorite seasoning on it, or combine it with a dip sauce. It is a delicious snack that is crispy and has a light texture.

Fried snacks made in the microwave
Dip in Meita Mayo sauce

It is also recommended to put melted cheese on it before baking or apply your favorite toast spread! When I applied garlic toast and Meita French toast spread, it was delicious and I could continue to eat it indefinitely. Please give it a try!

Fried snacks made in the microwave
Various arrangements

Fried snacks made in the microwave
Saku horse

3 easy snack recipes that you can make with lentin. It is a nice point that all the ingredients are cheaply available at supermarkets. How about a snack tonight?

* Cooking time is a guide. The heating time may vary depending on the microwave oven.