Jiichiro "Lemon Summer Sweets"
Summer Sweets

Jiichiro "Lemon Summer Sweets

Jiichiro will start selling "Lemon Summer Sweets" on June 22 to add color to summer. The lineup includes three refreshing items.

Lemon Baumkuchen

Lemon Baumkuchen" is a summer baumkuchen that combines the moist lemon-flavored dough unique to Jiichiro with a refreshingly sour lemon glaze. It has a refreshing taste. The baumkuchen measures approximately 4 cm in height and 14.5 cm in diameter, and is priced at 1,350 yen (excluding tax).

Jiichiro "Lemon Baumkuchen
lemon yellow

Lemon Rusk Box

Lemon Rusk Box" is an assortment of lemon rusks with a refreshing sour taste and lemon crunch rusks with three kinds of crunchy crumbs lavishly coated on them. The box contains 7 pieces in total. The price is 500 yen.

Jiichiro "Lemon Rusk Box
Two types of rusks

Lemon Gift

Lemon Gift" is an assortment of standard cut baumkuchen and seasonal lemon products. It includes "Jiichiro Baumkuchen Cut," "Lemon Baumkuchen Cut," "Lemon Rusk," and "Lemon Crunch Rusk." The gorgeous packaging makes it a perfect gift. The price is 850 yen.

Jiichiro "Lemon Gift
Stylish packaging