20 yen discount on side dishes from FamilyMart's night discount "Mother's Dining Room"
"Mom's dining room" is a great deal! (The source of the image is the official website)

At each FamilyMart store, "Famima's Night Discount" will be held from June 19th to 25th, with a 20 yen discount on the side dish of "Mom's Cafeteria", from 16:00 to 23:59 each day. ..

The target is the side dish of the "Mom's Dining Room" series. We have a lineup of easy-to-eat products, from snacks such as edamame and grilled cartilage to hearty side dishes such as cheese takkarubi and pork kakuni with boiled eggs. Frozen foods are not eligible.

Not only as a side dish for dinner, but also perfect for evening meals and watching sports at night. It's a medium-capacity and one-handed side dish, so it's also useful for living alone. Try it at a great opportunity.