Fruit Sandwich of Fruitus
If you want to eat delicious fruits, go to Monzennakacho!

Fruit cafe "Frutus" in Monzennakacho, downtown Tokyo. It is a shop where you can enjoy desserts and juices that use high-quality fruits luxuriously.

Attention is the luxurious fruit parfait! The freshly made parfait, which is made by sorting fruits in front of you, is exquisite. Also, the fruit sandwiches served from 12:00 are rich and delicious!

Fruit cafe "Frutus" in Monzennakacho
Monzennakacho "Frutus"

◆ Fruit parfait

From the many menus, I ordered the "Mini Fruit Parfait" (1,080 yen) this time. It is a mini size of "Fruit Parfait" (1,620 yen). The normal size is quite large, so if you are not confident that you can eat it, you should try the mini size first.

When you place an order, the shopkeeper will quickly handle the fruits in front of you and carefully finish each item. I make it almost by myself, so I'll wait for a while when it's crowded, but it's well worth the wait! Let's wait while admiring the splendid handiwork that should be called a craftsman anymore.

Frutus mini fruit parfait
Mini fruit parfait

What you should pay attention to is the luxury of fruits! The fruit is peeled, cut and finished on the spot, so you can fully enjoy the fruit without sacrificing its deliciousness.

Papaya, kiwi, banana, pineapple, orange, grapefruit ... The sweetness of fresh fruit and the refreshing acidity pop in your mouth. It ’s delicious!

Frutus mini fruit parfait
This volume feeling even in the mini

In addition, seasonal parfaits made with plenty of seasonal fruits such as mango are also available. Please check the menu from the official website before you go.

◆ Fruit sandwich

A fluffy bread sandwiched with light whipped cream and bananas, papayas, strawberries, pineapples and kiwis.

Fruit Sandwich of Fruitus
Fruit sandwiches that are easy to eat and cut into bite-sized pieces

Fresh fruit juice that overflows into your mouth when you bite into it. A light and rich cream that gently wraps this. Bubble wrap, mellow, and various textures will come and go.

Fruit Sandwich of Fruitus

As for the author's experience, the number of seats in Frutus is small, so it seems to be crowded even on weekdays from the morning. Depending on the timing, you may have to wait in line outside. I think Saturday and Sunday are probably quite a line ...

If you want to enter without waiting as much as possible, the aim is weekdays. But I think it's worth the wait! If you want to eat delicious fruit, head to Monzennakacho.