Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Melon Frozen" "Hojicha Parfait" "Okinawa Pine Yogurt" "Peach a la Mode"

A cool summer menu is on sale at the Doutor Coffee Shop. A real food review of drinks and sweets.

"Hokkaido Melon Frozen" is a frozen drink that uses juicy Hokkaido red meat melon juice. It is topped with whipped cream. The price starts from 380 yen for S size (tax included, same below). Sold at limited stores.

Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Melon Frozen"
Bright orange

A cool, crispy mouthfeel that is typical of frozen foods. Although the texture is different, it's fruity as if you're chewing on a ripe melon! Filled with the melting sweetness of red meat melon. Mixing whipped cream adds richness and makes it delicious again.

Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Melon Frozen"
Creamy when mixed

"Okinawa Prefecture Pine Yogurt" is a yogurt drink that uses Okinawa Prefecture pineapple sauce. The sauce contains milk oligosaccharides. The price starts from 360 yen for S size.

The yogurt claim is stronger than the pineapple. The sourness of yogurt wraps the tropical flavor. A cup that is sweet and sour and easy to drink. It looks good even on summer mornings when you have no appetite.

Doutor Coffee "Okinawa Prefecture Pineapple Yogurt"

"Hojicha Parfait" is a parfait-style dessert made from hojicha into jelly and pudding. The bean paste made from red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, whipped cream from Kyoto matcha, shiratama, dice-cut roasted green tea jelly, and whipped cream are combined. The price is 420 yen.

Doutor Coffee "Hojicha Parfait"
Hojicha boom

Hojicha is rich from the first bite to the end! The chewy jelly and smooth pudding are fragrant, and the flavor gradually spreads. The place where the gentle bitterness remains on the tongue is also authentic.

Doutor Coffee "Hojicha Parfait"
Shiratama mochi mochi

Hojicha is complemented by Hokuhoku bean paste and matcha with a crisp taste. The flavor of each material is brought out firmly without being cheated by the sweetness. It's delicious no matter where you eat!

Doutor Coffee "Hojicha Parfait"
The amount of bean paste is also exquisite

"Peach a la mode" is a cup dessert with vanilla-flavored mousse layered on peach jelly. Topped with peach puree and framboise juice sauce, peach compote and lemon jelly. The price is 420 yen.

Doutor Coffee "Peach a la Mode"
Finish with pistachios

When combined with a glossy sauce and soft compote, the mouth is summer . The fruity flavors of peach, framboise and lemon spread, and finally the sweet scent of vanilla flutters through your nose. Smooth and refreshing!

Doutor Coffee "Peach a la Mode"
The cool mouthfeel is comfortable

We also recommend the "Lemon Mille Crepes," which was released before the above four products. Sandwich whipped cream and lemon custard cream with a moist dough. The milky richness and fresh acidity change and entertain the tongue. The price is 400 yen.

Doutor Coffee "Lemon Mille Crepes"
Topped with slices of sugar-pickled lemon

Drinks and sweets that make you feel summer with your eyes and tongue. Each has its own charm, but the recommended one is "Hojicha Parfait". I think that hojicha lovers can eat it without any loss.