"Danmen Encyclopedia", a collection of photographs of strawberry cross sections
"Danmen Zukan" to taste the whole strawberry

A must-have book for strawberry lovers! "Danmen Zukan", a collection of photographs of strawberry cross sections, was released by Shogakukan on June 15th. The price is 900 yen (excluding tax).

This is a mini photo book that introduces all 42 varieties of selected strawberries from the many strawberry varieties on the Japanese market with "cross-section" photographs. In addition to a cross-sectional photograph of strawberries with plenty of squeaky feeling, information such as the main production areas and the origin of the name is also posted.

"Danmen Encyclopedia", a collection of photographs of cross sections of strawberries

Also, at the end of the book, an original "Strawberry Danmen Distribution Map" that can list the shapes of 42 varieties of strawberries and the hardness of the flesh is also included. It is the content of strawberry lovers coveted.

The book was released on January 15th (Strawberry Day) on Twitter in the "Strawberry Cross Section Catalog". More than 50,000 likes were gathered in one day, and it became a hot topic such as being featured in the news. The power-up of this "cross-section catalog" is the Danmen Zukan that has appeared this time.

All 48 pages, the size is A24 (142 x 142 mm). It's compact size that fits easily in a bag, so it's convenient to carry.