Matsunoya "Cheese tomato scissors and set meal"

"Tonkatsu Matsunoya (Matsunoya)" where you can enjoy pork cutlet at a great price. Previously, I introduced the "Tokucho Roast and Set Meal" , a great breakfast menu that you can enjoy with less than one coin.

If you go to such "Matsunoya", you should definitely try "Cheese Tomato Roast / Sasami Katsushi Set Meal". It is a dish of loin and (or sasamikatsu) with plenty of special tomato sauce and cheese. The price is 630 yen (tax included).

Matsunoya "Cheese tomato chicken fillet set meal"
This time I chose the fillet steak

The mellow cheese and the sauce that you can enjoy the refreshing acidity and sweetness of tomatoes are a perfect match. It is firmly entwined with the crispy batter.

Matsunoya "Cheese tomato chicken fillet set meal"
Cheese & tomatoes!

When chewed, the batter is crispy, followed by mellow cheese, refreshing tomato sauce, and gravy, and the finish spreads the flavor in your mouth. At first glance, the menu looks heavy, but it's actually quite easy to eat. Is it because of the tomato sauce?

Matsunoya "Cheese tomato chicken fillet set meal"

With rice and miso soup, 630 yen would be a good cospa. If you're having trouble choosing a menu at Matsuya, please give it a try!

* Menus and prices are as of the time of the interview. May vary by store