Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"
Cool drink

Seasonal products such as "espresso shake" will be released on June 20th at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores).

Espresso shake is a frozen drink that you can enjoy the deep taste of espresso carefully extracted by the barista. It features a smooth mouthfeel and a pleasant bitterness of espresso that you can feel aftertaste.

It's also recommended to add an espresso shot to adjust the sweetness, or top it with your favorite flavor of "T's ice" and shake it together. The price starts from 560 yen for short size (tax included, same below).

"Ice Matcha Cappuccino" is a drink that combines fragrant Uji Matcha with carefully whipped foam milk. You can enjoy the harmony of the faint sweetness of foam milk and the refreshing bitterness of Uji matcha. The price is 490 yen for tall size.

Tully's Coffee "Ice Matcha Cappuccino"
Bright green

"Watermelon Squeeze 100%" is a drink that uses 100% of Vietnamese black beauty watermelon juice. It is a cup where you can feel the taste of the material itself. The price is 540 yen for tall size.

Tully's Coffee "Watermelon Squeeze 100%"
Is it summer?