Sorbin "Marumaru Melon Strawberry Sorbin"
Luxury for half a melon!

At each Korean dessert cafe "SULBING", a limited quantity menu "Marumaru Melon Strawberry Sorbin" using half of the melon will be released on June 20th. For a limited time until the end of July, the price is 1,700 yen (tax included, same below).

This is a sorbin with fluffy milk shaved ice, bite-sized cheesecake and yogurt ice cream, and strawberry pulp sauce in the flesh lid of half a melon. It seems that you can enjoy the unique taste of this season, which is a match of juicy melon and strawberry.

In addition, the popular "Melon Festival" will be held every year from June 20th. "Marumaru Melon Yogurt Sorbin" (1,500 yen) and "Marumaru Melon Azuki Sorbin" (1,500 yen) will be reprinted and sold.

Sorbin "Marumaru Melon Yogurt Sorbin" (1,500 yen)
Whole melon yogurt sorbin

Sorbin "Marumaru Melon Azuki Sorbin" (1,500 yen)
Marumaru Melon Azuki Sorbin