Futaba Foods "Sacre Tomato"
That sacre has tomato flavor! (Image source: Futaba Foods Official Twitter)

A new product "Sacre Tomato" was released on June 11th from Futaba Foods, which is familiar in the summer delicious frozen dessert "Sacre" series. The estimated price is 120 yen (excluding tax).

Sacre Tomato is the first vegetable flavor of "Sacre", a cup of shaved ice with a cool crispy texture. With 20% tomato juice, it seems that a fresh feeling "as if you are drinking tomato juice" and a ripe tomato feeling are realized. With sliced lemon.

Futaba Foods "Sacre Tomato"
Plenty of tomato juice (Image source: Futaba Foods official website)

Shaved ice filled with the deliciousness of tomatoes. You can enjoy the freshness and sweetness of fruit tomatoes. In addition, the refreshing taste of lemon pulp is perfect for hot summers!