Patisserie Kihachi "Peach Roll"
Introducing peach sweets

Two kinds of sweets using peaches are now available at each Patisserie Kihachi store. "Verrine Peach Parfait" and "Peach Roll" will be on sale from July 4th. Limited time until September 4th.

Verrine Peach Parfait is a pink verrine with peaches. A mousse with a gentle acidity fromage blanc that enhances the sweetness of peaches, a mousse with peach puree, a jule with peach compote with a fresh taste and sweet scent, custard cream, and fresh peaches trapped in a jule using peach liqueur are layered. I am. The price is 584 yen (tax included, same below).

Patisserie Kihachi "Verrine Peach Parfait"
Verrine Peach Parfe

On the other hand, the peach roll is a limited-time roll cake made from sweet and fragrant fresh peaches. A moist pink souffle dough with peach pulp, fresh cream with peach puree, and custard cream rolled up softly. The price is 584 yen per cut and 2,268 yen for about 14 cm.

Patisserie Kihachi "Peach Roll"
Peach roll