Ginza Cozy Corner "[Disney] Star Festival Collection"
Elegant tea time ♪

The "[Disney] Star Festival Collection (9 pieces)" designed by Disney character Alice will be on sale from June 18th to July 12th at the raw cake dealer in Ginza Cozy Corner. The price is 2,268 yen (tax included).

The second petit cake set with Alice as a motif, following the early summer of 2016. The image of a scene or tea party that appears in the story is that you can enjoy various flavors little by little.

Ginza Cozy Corner "[Disney] Star Festival Collection"
The box is also nice

The petit cake is as follows.

Alice: Litchi mousse cake with white peach dice Chesha cat: Raspberry cream and berry flavored sponge roll cake Heart Queen: White chocolate cream and cocoa sponge cake Twin Dee and Dam: Banana cream and raspberry jam tartoy caterpillar: Mint flavor Cream and chocolate ganache tart mud hatter: vanilla cream and matcha sponge cake Young Oyster: strawberry cream tart White rabbit: white chocolate cream and raspberry jam tart Trumps: matcha milk cream roll cake