Queen's Collection "Queen's Hot Chocolate"

Chocolate cafe "Queen's Collection" in Daikanyama, Tokyo. It is a fashionable shop located less than 5 minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station.

Queens collection
Located on the 1st floor

The signboard menu is "Queen's Hot Chocolate". Select the amount of chocolate from 20g (0.71oz), 30g (1.06oz) and 40g (1.41oz). In addition, you can choose the type of chocolate from "High Bitter (Cacao 64%)", "Bitter (Cacao 50%)", "Milk (Cacao 38%)" and "White (Cacao 29%)". This time I ordered 30g (1.06oz) of bitter. The price starts from 580 yen for 20g (0.71oz) (excluding tax, the same applies below).

What was carried was a container like an aroma pot. Add as much chocolate as you like to the candle-heated milk and taste while melting.

Queen's Collection "Queen's Hot Chocolate"

First, put in about half. The chocolate melts with heat and the hot drink is completed in the container. The rich chocolate that flows down the straw and the mellow milk that wraps it. Very sweet taste that makes you feel relaxed.

Queen's Collection "Queen's Hot Chocolate"
Put in the amount you like

Queen's Collection "Queen's Hot Chocolate"

Adjust the strength and temperature by adding the attached milk and chocolate on the way. Enjoy while searching for your own favorite balance. Personally, I like chocolate: milk = 1: 2.

Queen's Collection "Queen's Hot Chocolate"
While adding a little

You can also add syrup for +100 yen. High bitter chocolate x hazelnut syrup and white chocolate x rose syrup are recommended.

"Premium Ice Chocolat" is a cold chocolate drink with chili pepper. The glass divided into two layers is a device to keep the richness of chocolate. The price is 600 yen.

Queen's Collection "Premium Ice Chocolat"
Like a fishbowl?

Smooth and smooth texture. The deep richness of cacao spreads slowly. Accented with spicy chili peppers. The slight spiciness tightens the aftertaste. The sweet and spicy stimulus becomes addictive!

Queen's Collection "Premium Ice Chocolat"
Adult chocolate drink

"Homemade raw chocolate cake" is a special chocolate cake with an orange liqueur scent. The price is 700 yen.

Queen's Collection "Homemade Raw Chocolate Cake"
Served with whipped cream and confiture

It's so thick that you can't put a fork in it unless you put effort into your hands. The richness and sweetness of cacao is entwined with the tongue. The impression that terrine chocolate is closer than cake. Although it is very rich, you can enjoy it without becoming heavy thanks to the refreshing orange.

Queen's Collection "Homemade Raw Chocolate Cake"
Great satisfaction

The "Queens Collection" is a cafe where you can fully immerse yourself in the sweet and profound world of chocolate. Why don't you visit on a day when you want to spoil yourself?