Bourbon "Disney Alfort"
This year is the 90th anniversary of Mickey's screen debut!

Bourbon will release "Disney Alfort" with limited art on May 22nd. The estimated price is 30 yen per sheet and 450 yen per box for 15 sheets, both excluding tax.

Disney Alfort is a sweet that combines biscuits with whole wheat flour and chocolate. Disney characters are designed on chocolate.

Bourbon "Disney Alfort"
The back side is a biscuit

There are 9 types of chocolate patterns. I'm looking forward to seeing which character is in it after opening it. In addition, 6 types of package designs are available.

Bourbon "Disney Alfort"
Retro Mickey & Minnie are cute!

Furthermore, as a limited-time project, you can view a special animation in which the Mickey Mouse starts moving by holding the AR camera over the Mickey logo on the package with a dedicated smartphone app. How about thinking about Mickey, who will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of his screen debut this year (2018)?

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