Ministop "Halo-halo Uji Matcha Azuki"
Summer tradition is again this year!

The first summer-only sweet "Halo-halo" will be on sale from April 20th at each Ministop store. "Summer tradition" is finally here again this year!

Ministop "Halo-halo"
First of all, 3 products are lined up

Halo-halo has been loved since its birth in 1995. A summer dessert that combines shaved ice with soft serve vanilla. This year (2018), including the classic "ramune" (270 yen, tax included, same below), refreshing "fruit apricot kernel (mango flavor)" (290 yen), Japanese taste "Uji matcha azuki" (290 yen) Is the first lineup.

Ministop "Halo-halo"

Ministop "Halo-halo"
Fruit apricot kernel (mango flavor)

Uji Matcha Azuki is the "Uji Matcha Flavor" that will be released for the first time in four years. "Uji Matcha Syrup" made from higher grade matcha powder is sprinkled on ice and topped with soft serve ice cream, red bean paste, dumplings kneaded with Uji matcha, and roasted green tea. You can enjoy the deeper taste of matcha.

Ministop "Halo-halo"
Uji Matcha Azuki

In addition, the second halo halo will be on sale from May 3rd. Last year's (2017) blockbuster product "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry" (320 yen), which uses "frozen strawberry" instead of ice, will reappear.

Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry"

Halo-halo is a combination of condensed milk flavored syrup and soft serve ice cream in a cup of frozen strawberries. By making the slices of frozen strawberries thinner than last year, it seems that a crispy texture is brought out this year.