"Satake" Ebisu store discount "raw cold barley"

"Satake" is a 2-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station. It is a soba restaurant where you can enjoy 100% buckwheat noodles and beer.

"Satake" Ebisu store that offers 100% soba noodles
Satake Ebisu store There is also a store in Shinjuku

"Morisoba" is 330 yen including tax, which is cheap enough, but the most eye-catching is the "raw cold barley" made in the store. What a price, 290 yen including tax! This price in Ebisu ... Isn't it too cheap? I was curious, so I ordered it.

"Satake" Ebisu store menu
290 yen!

If you buy a meal ticket at the ticket machine and give it to the staff at the counter, cold barley will be served in about 5 minutes. Wasabi and green onions as condiments.

"Satake" Ebisu store discount "raw cold barley"
The vat is bigger than expected

"Satake" Ebisu store discount "raw cold barley"
There is a decent amount

The cold barley that slips into your mouth when you slurp is chewy, chewy, and plump! It has a firm elasticity when chewed, and is refreshing and smooth through the throat. It's refreshing and good! Tuyu felt a little salty, but it just got better as I ate it.

"Satake" Ebisu store discount "raw cold barley"

In addition, if you are hungry, you should also order the specialty "Gari mackerel rice (small size 330 yen including tax)". Mackerel and gari are placed on top of the plump cooked rice.

"Gari mackerel rice", a specialty of "Satake"
550 yen including tax when ordering as a set with cold barley

A addictive taste that matches the saltiness of mackerel and the vinegar of gari! The crunchy texture of the gari is also a good accent. It's a perfect cup when you want to eat a little more on your way home from a drinking party.

"Gari mackerel rice", a specialty of "Satake"

In addition, Ebisu's "Satake" has a menu that has a great taste and cospa, such as a morning set meal and a soba / cold barley set. The inside of the store is small and the distance to the customers next door is quite close, so it's not easy to "calm down", but it's a good place to get hungry. How about for a meal after lunch or a drinking party?

■ Satake Ebisu Store Address: Daikoku Building 1F, 1-8-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo