Sushiro "Crab Festival" Red Zuwai Crab Tenkomori
Sushiro and crabs! "Crab Festival"

At each Sushiro store, a "crab festival" that uses "crab" luxuriously will be held for a limited time from November 1st.

At the fair, there is a full lineup of "crab menus" using book snow crab, red snow crab, etc. From sushi to chawanmushi and 〆 ramen, you can enjoy the delicious taste of carefully selected sushi.

Click here for some of the target menus.

● Raw snow crab (180 yen, tax not included, same below)
A dish that you can enjoy the sweetness of crab and the smooth texture.

Sushiro "Crab Festival" Raw book snow crab

● Red snow crab assortment (180 yen)
Luxurious nigiri sushi with red snow crab on top of sushi rice and topped with tomalley.

Sushiro "Crab Festival" Red Snow Crab

● Rich miso ramen (330 yen)
Ramen that you can enjoy with a soup that combines crab with Saikyo miso. The crab meat and miso are topped.

Sushiro "Crab Festival" Rich Miso Ramen

● Honzuwai crab chawanmushi (240 yen)
By steaming the fresh crab, it is a dish that does not miss the taste of the crab.

Sushiro "Crab Festival" Honzuwai Crab Chawanmushi

● Crab cream croquette (100 yen)
Croquette made from red snow crab from Sakaiminato, a famous crab producing area (not available at some stores).

Sushiro "Crab Festival" Crab Cream Croquette

In addition, "wrapped with plenty of crab meat" that is wrapped in seaweed and eaten, tomalley, and snow crab warship rolls are prepared.

* Items and prices are different at SUSHIRO Minamiikebukuro and Gotanda stores.