KitKat Chocolatery "Birthstone"
A shining surprise

In the KitKat chocolate tree, a new series "Birthstone" that imaged a birthstone has appeared. From November 1st, "Birthstone Topaz", which is based on the image of the birthstone "Topaz" in November, will be on sale in sequence.

Birthstone Topaz is a beautiful amber chocolate bar with a scent of marron. A grain of gorgeous Alazan shines brilliantly on the surface. Perfect for birthdays as well as gifts for "luck".

KitKat Chocolatery "Birthstone" Topaz
Birthstone Topaz (Image)

In addition to Birthstone Topaz, two "Kit Cut Chocolatery Sublim Bitter" are included in the set, and the price is 1,485 yen (tax included).