Conan Edogawa's "Barro Chicken Curry"
It looks dry and tastes sweet! (Image source: Village Vanguard Online, same below)

Retort curry in collaboration with the popular manga / anime "Detective Conan" is on sale at Village Vanguard Online. Conan Edogawa's "Barro Chicken Curry" and Ran Mori's "Lemon Pie (Wind) Curry". The price is 648 yen each (tax included and shipping not included).

Barro chicken curry is a sweet curry that "looks dry and tastes sweet!" It is a "reverse Conan" curry that was created with the image of the familiar catchphrase "looks like a child, brain looks like an adult". It seems to be a sweet tailoring that even children can eat.

Conan Edogawa's "Barro Chicken Curry"
Baro ...!

On the other hand, the lemon pie (wind) curry is based on the image of "lemon pie" that Ran learned from a senior at Tetan High School who had a crush on Shinichi Kudo. Even though it looks awkward, the taste was quite popular. The curry made based on that episode seems to be able to enjoy the fluffy lemon flavor.

Ran Mouri's "Lemon Pie (Wind) Curry"
The scent of lemon reminds me of that episode

Unfortunately, Baro Curry is out of stock at the time of writing the article. It seems that it will be resold when the stock is added, so if you want to get it, you may want to register the restock notification email. In addition, lemon pie (wind) curry is accepting pre-orders. It is scheduled to be shipped in late October, but it seems that it may be delayed.