Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
Great value weekday afternoon "1,000 yen set"

The hamburger restaurant "UMAMI BURGER" has landed in Aoyama, Tokyo from Los Angeles, USA. It's a popular restaurant where you can line up at lunchtime and weekends, but if you want to visit, we recommend after 15:00 on weekdays when there is little waiting time (it gets a little crowded at night).

Moreover, between 15:00 and 18:00, there is a great-value " social hour set " where you can enjoy a mini burger and side menu for 1,000 yen, so I definitely recommend it to those who visit for the first time!

◆ What is a social hour set?

The social hour set is a time-limited menu that includes a mini-sized slider burger, side menu French fries (half size), and soft drinks for 1,000 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

You can choose one burger from "truffle slider", "manly slider", "cali slider", "ice slider", and one potato from "thin fries" and "sweet potato fries".

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
Recommended for first-time visitors!

Usually, potatoes alone cost 300-350 yen, and soft drinks cost 400-600 yen, so you can already pay for it. By the way, when I calculated the most profitable combination by demonstrating my poverty, it was "Manly Slider" + "Sweet Potato Fries" + "French Earl Gray" or "1837 Black Tea". For your reference.

While saying that, I ate a set of caliber burger, sweet potato fries, and horse coffee!

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
My social hour set!

◆ I tried it

A caliber burger made by layering onions, salad vegetables, and tomatoes on 100% beef homemade patties and sandwiching them with buns. The patty is thick and contains the same ingredients as the regular size caliber burger, so it is a mini size but has a good taste.

By recently renewing and applying "miso mustard" to the patty and baking it, the flavor and umami are further improved. It was a delicate taste that became deeper as you chewed it, which you couldn't think of as an American hamburger.

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
It's small, but the ingredients are tightly packed

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
It's quite satisfying to eat

What impressed me even more was the sweet potato fries! A sweet french fries made from dark-colored sweet potatoes, seasoned with an original seasoning blended with salt, sugar and cinnamon. The fluffy scented cinnamon and the sweet sweet potato flavor are addictive! This is a dish you definitely want to eat.

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
I want to eat at home ...!

Also, for the same time period, side menus such as "Tempura Onion Ring", "Truffle Fry" and "Appetizer" and alcoholic beverages such as beer, glass wine and cocktails are sold at nearly half the price.

This is also a great deal, so I don't want to work today! On that day, I think you should drink beer with a fried snack from 3:00 pm.

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"
Sometimes it's good!

If you haven't been to Umami Burger yet, or if you're wondering if it's a bit of a line, why don't you come visit us at a great time on weekday afternoons?

Umami Burger 1,000 yen "Social Hour Set"