Three F "Mochiponyo Pumpkin Pudding"
Pumpkin custard and caramel sauce melt

From Three F's popular original sweets "Mochiponyo", a pumpkin flavor "Mochiponyo Pumpkin Pudding" that is perfect for autumn has appeared. It will be on sale at Three F and Lawson Three F stores from October 11th. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

This is the 48th type of mochiponyo. Following on from the popular "Halloween Ponyo" made from Okinawan love red potatoes, which was sold in the fall of last year (2016), a pumpkin flavor will be introduced this year.

The mochi-mochi dough made from glutinous rice flour is filled with custard made from seasonal shrimp pumpkin paste. There is also caramel sauce inside, so you can enjoy the taste like pumpkin pudding.