Seasonal flavor "La France" from "Danone Oikos"
100% domestic La France puree used

From "Danone Oikos", a yogurt that silences your stomach, the seasonal flavor "La France" will be released at convenience stores nationwide on October 24th and at supermarkets nationwide on November 1st. The price is open.

Danone Oikos is a Greek yogurt that contains 3 times more dairy ingredients and 2 times more protein than regular yogurt (compared to the company). It has a creamy and rich texture, but its fat content is "zero" and the calories per meal is less than 100 kcal, which is "healthy", and it is supported by people with high health consciousness.

The La France flavor that will be released this time is that you can enjoy the refreshing scent and sweetness of La France, which is a "luxury species" among pears that are in season in winter. 100% domestic La France puree is used.