McDonald's happy set "Plarail" and "Licca-chan"
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Happy sets "Plarail" and "Licca-chan" will be released on October 13th at each McDonald's store in Japan (excluding some stores). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Plarail has a total of eight types of JR vehicles, including Shinkansen such as "922 type Doctor Yellow T3 formation" and "E7 series Shinkansen Kagayaki", and conventional lines such as "D51 200 steam locomotive" and "E235 series Yamate line". Appearance. It seems that all toys have a mechanism such as a light shining and a picture of the car window switching.

As for Plarail, all eight types of JR cars such as Shinkansen such as 922 type Doctor Yellow T3 formation and conventional lines such as D51 200 steam locomotive have appeared.

This time, all kinds of vehicles have a coupler on the front, so you can play with any toys of Happy Meal "Plarail", and McDonald's original characters such as Donald and Hamburglar get on the vehicle. doing. In addition, all toys have a McDonald's logo sticker and a special specification with the Happy Meal 30th anniversary logo sticker.

There are eight types of Licca-chan, including "Colorful Princess Licca-chan" in a colorful dress and "McDonald's Princess Licca-chan" in an original dress with the McDonald's logo. You can remove the dress and change it to another happy set "Licca-chan" to play.

There are 8 types of Licca-chan, including "Colorful Princess Licca-chan" and "McDonald's Princess Licca-chan".
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During the two days from October 14th to 15th, one "Plarail Special DVD 2017" or "Licca-chan Happy DVD" will be presented for each purchase of the Happy Set "Plarail" and "Licca-chan".

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